04 August 2009

It has happened, Brown has finally gone bonkers

imageBurnt out.  Our deluded leader has finally flipped.  Just look at this nonsense that the Guardian is reporting.  Moses is to undertake community work during his month long break:

Sources said Brown was not keen to have any publicity for what he was going to do since it might be misread as a publicity stunt. They instead insisted he had a genuine commitment to community work and wanted even as prime minister to stay close to his constituents.

This is preposterous.  It will just provoke further ridicule.  Who the hell is advising Brown to do this?  When all is said and done he supposed to be running the country.  He just demeans himself and the office he holds.

Brown is beyond parody.  His government is falling apart, nothing has been done to change the culture of the banks, the Commons authorities are out of control, ill-equipped helicopters are being sent to Afghanistan and what does our Prime Minister do.  He tells everyone he is spending time with his boys, when in reality he is seeking cheap publicity.

Brown treats the country with contempt.  Enough is enough.

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1 comment:

  1. Shame...I used to live near Kirkcaldy! I could have given a running commentary on Brown in his fluorescent "community payback" vest!

    Here are some odd-jobs:

    - Clean out Kirkcaldy sewers...apparently jammed with sanitary refuse

    - Clean up the War Memorial near the railway station...usually strewn with broken glass, plastic cider bottles and food wrappers as well as under-age drinkers (depending on the time of day)...some 300 yards from the police station!

    - Take a "pooper scooper" around the town to clear up after over-muscled pit-bulls and their over-muscled owners.

    - Fix the broken swings (etc) in the Ravenscraig Park playground that are continually vandalised.

    - Hand out methadone in the Whytemans Brae medical centre chemist.

    - Drawing on his "son of the manse" background and "moral compass", he could offer a street pastor service to the drunks that hang around the bus station near the slot machine/cheap cigarettes arcade. He could preach to the hordes who bring carnage to the town centre at the weekends.

    - He could act as a human speed bamp on the Esplanade to tackle boy racers.

    Kirkcaldy is in a bad way and it is a disgrace that Labour took it for granted for so long.