04 August 2009

As Harman also goes bonkers, what is Mandy's game plan?


The silly season this is.  Could it also that August will be remembered when the government finally exposed itself as not wanting to govern effectively?

Harriet Harman, clearly with more than one eye on any forthcoming leadership contest, emerged yesterday from underneath her dunce's hat to say:

Somebody did say... that if it had been Lehman sisters rather than Lehman Brothers then there may not have been as much.  I have to say it was not me that said that.

I do seriously think that half the financial services industry is women now.  Women make up half the workforce of insurance companies and banks. Why shouldn’t they have a say on boards as well?

Leaving the gender equality debate aside, and giving an even wider berth to what the pathetic Harman is up to, why is Mandy not clamping down on this stupidity?  It is not like his Lordship to stay silent while ridiculous comments are being made by others and the Labour party administers itself for another dose of fratricide.

One argument could be that Mandy is waiting for Harman to depart the scene this weekend and then he will demonstrate to one and all ‘how to it’ as he clears up the mess.  All very well but it hardly solves Labour's immediate problem, what to do about Brown.

What is Mandy’s strategy?  There will be no return to the Commons for Mandy this side of the election, so what is he going to do?  Let us play this out.  He spends the rest of August putting the toothpaste back in the tube; supports Brown up until the party conference, where the rumour mill on the leadership is the only game in town; then what?  The polls don't move; Cameron has a brilliant conference, barring any embarrassment from across the Irish Sea; and the Glasgow North East by-election, which presumably will be held in mid-November, demonstrates that Labour can’t win under Brown.

Will it be at that stage, and only then, that Mandy moves against Brown?

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  1. Thanks for the warning Howard. I have removed the offending post. Can't be too careful these days.

  2. I still think Brown will be in No 10 come the GE.