08 August 2009

Brown’s sad life and why he performs badly

The revelation that Brown eats alone with his microwave meals has not got down well with Clare Latimer, who used to cook for John Major:

I suppose he was trying to establish himself as a man of the people again, but what a terrible admission to make.

It sets a terrible example in terms of eating healthily and trying to use less packaging, and it gives everyone an insight into what sounds like a rather sad life. What is more, it will have all sensible people wondering: 'If it is the case he can't handle his own diet, how on earth can he be expected to handle the country?'

And then Clare points her finger at Brown’s problem:

Eat all that pre-packaged rubbish and you soon start to feel run-down and perform less effectively.

So, now we know.  If Sarah would only cook for him he would be a new man.  Let’s hope she doesn't get any bright ideas.

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