06 August 2009

These headlines are good for Cameron!



Just two headlines from the morning papers (while we are still allowed to cut and paste free of charge) suggesting that UK plc has turned the corner and it could be good news for Our Dear Leader.  Well, up to a point.  Let’s leave the economics aside and deal with the politics.

If Labour's spin machine was at full throttle and on message, which it won't be until Mandy gets back, then you just imagine the sound bites:

Gordon has done it.

He’s pulled the country though the recession.

He has taken the tough decisions and can we can see the green shots.

Etc, etc.

But aren't these exactly the sound bites Cameron needs to hear?  These are the headlines that will bring a smile to his face.  The timing could not be better.  The last thing Cameron wants is Brown to be replaced.

The conference season is just round the corner when Brown’s leadership will be most at risk.  If the economy is superficially showing signs of improvement then the chances of a coup against Brown will fade away.  He will be able to demonstrate he is the man for the job and this is no time for a novice all over again.  Delusional Brown will then think that the polls will turn and a grateful nation will swing behind Labour at the election.

Of course it is not going to happen.  Brown is not listened to; the nation simply don't want him as PM; the electorate will blame Brown for the recession; the banking crises is still with us; unemployment will rise for months to come; and Labour will continue to show it is not fit to govern.

Let Brown exist in his fantasy land thinking that an improved economy will win him the election.  In reality, all it will do is stop the Labour plotters and that is good news for Cameron.

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