07 August 2009

Summer silliness from the New Statesman

Rubbish you will read during the silly session but this has to take 1st prise.  One James Macintyre, the New Statesman’s so called political editor, has this nonsense in his weekly column:

From across the Atlantic comes more detail about Barack Obama's opinion of David Cameron. Last year, I reported that the then presidential candidate had emerged from a meeting with the Tory leader describing him as a "lightweight". Now it is claimed that Obama also said that Cameron is all "sizzle" and no substance.

The colourful verdict was apparently the result of meetings with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Cameron on 26 July last year, at the end of a Continental tour. I have been contacted by a senior figure at a respected national newspaper who gave me an account of the meetings from an Obama aide. After taking breakfast with Blair, visiting Brown in Downing Street and meeting Cameron in parliament, Obama is said to have given the following verdict: Blair was "sizzle and substance"; Brown was "substance"; Cameron was merely "sizzle".

Just who is this “senior figure at a respected national newspaper” that Macintyre quotes and if a true quote, why did this source give the story away?

Would Obama really have said this when, if the polls are accurate , he will have to work with Cameron in a matter of months.  Obama maybe many things but he not stupid and silly like Macintyre.

One thing is for sure, don’t expect the New Statesman and Macintyre to prosper under the Tories.  This drivel will hardly adhere this little read magazine to the Cameroons.

Nonsense to see hear.  Move along.

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  1. "Obama maybe many things but he not stupid and silly"
    We all hoped that was true, but then a black professor got arrested by a white police officer and it came to pass that Obama was both stupid and silly!