05 August 2009

Speaker Bercow has much in common with Michael Martin

If you were expecting the new Speaker to set an example following the MPs’ expenses scandal, forget it.  The small perfectly formed John Bercow has spent £20,659.36 making Speaker’s House more habitable for his young family in just eight weeks.

To allow Bercow to relax after a couple hours in the Commons for the few days of the year that House actual sits, the not so economical sum of £7,524.30 of taxpayers’ money has been spent on one sofa suite and a few cushions.

Then we come to the historic purchase.  The Place of Westminster has acquired an item from Ikea!  Is this a first?  The housekeeper is going to have to make do with a double bed costing £479 from a store where few MPs are ever seen wandering the aisles.

We shouldn't be over critical yet.  Speaker Martin spent £724,600 on refurbishing the residence between 2000 and early 2008, plus a further £992,000 on the garden and improved security.

So, if Bercow spends £20,000 or so of taxpayers money every eight weeks he also will reach the million mark after eight years in residence!

Herein is the lesson on how to bring up your family at the taxpayers’ expense.  Just become the Speaker.

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