01 August 2009

The leaders TV debate: The children play


It seems that we have two children dressed as adults.

The Telegraph is reporting that Brown is ‘furious’ with Mandy for revealing plans for the TV debate.  Brown had intended to make the announcement during his speech at the party conference.  Obviously, he was hoping to wrong foot Cameron with another cheap stunt:

One Downing Street source said: "It was to be a central part of Gordon's conference speech. He would say to Cameron if you want a debate, we'll have one. It would be throwing down the gauntlet.

Good grief.  Brown’s strategic locker is pretty empty if this was the rabbit he was to magically produce at the end of September.  Ironically, there is now no gauntlet to throw down, as Cameron has penned a letter to Brown asking for clarification following the confusion of the week.

If Brown’s cupboard is this bare, Labour really have to do some serious thinking over the coming weeks.  Moreover, this is now the second occasion where Mandy has taken to make an announcement he shouldn't have, the first being over the pubic spending review.  Mandy is getting carried away with his own self-importance

Are we seeing the green shoots of a serious rift between the dynamic duo?  It would appear so.

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