10 August 2009

It is Mandy’s week and don't you forget it

Wherever you turn it is Mandy, Mandy, Mandy.  You would think nothing else matters except his return to these damp islands today.  How Mandy must be loving all the attention and publicity, even it means being caught topless by the telephoto lens brigade.  No doubt he will have a few fireworks to ignite this week as he demonstrates ‘how to it’ in Brown’s absence.  Although, in truth, he is charge no matter if our Prime Minister is in Downing Street or thinking up his autumn dividing lines in the Lake District.

To celebrate Mandy’s easyJet return, the Guardian publishes a long interview with The Great Man.  Perhaps he has more in common with Brown than he would care to admit.  Mandy didn't realise years ago the importance of friends and keeping them:

I think 10 years ago, and also 15 years ago, I was a very hard-nosed, uncompromising figure who was manning the barricades of change in the Labour party, and prepared to take down anything or anyone who stood in the way. I don't feel in that mode now. And secondly, I've learned from experience that you can defeat people without killing them.

I think that everyone in politics wants to be liked, but I accepted too readily that it was a luxury that wasn't open to me. I had to be the hard man – and sometimes the hit man. Remember that in the 80s, when we were really engaged in hand-to-hand combat with those inside our party, I wasn't reckoning on a parliamentary or ministerial career. I didn't realise that you had to make friends and keep them, because they were those with whom you'd have to co-operate in later life. But if I had to relive what I had to do in the 80s I don't think I would do it any less convincingly, even brutally, because we had a lot going against us.

What a revelation it would be if Brown could be so candid about the errors of his ways.  Some hope and, of course, it will never happen.

Still, as we scratch around for any real news Mandy will keep us all amused this week as he takes centre stage.  No doubt he will enjoy every minute of it, as we all will.  Perhaps, one day his career will be summed up as one of the best prime ministers we never had.  How he would enjoy that.

Let the week begin.

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  1. Another week of no TV for me Howard. It's becoming a habit here. :)