10 August 2009

Brown has run out of ‘people, energy and ideas’

The slow death of the government continues along the path to the general election.  The FT is reporting that 12 cabinet ministers are lacking a PPS:

The failure to replace them provides evidence of ebbing morale within the ranks of the Parliamentary Labour party.  Further, Mr Brown has given the impression of a lack of available talent among his own MPs by appointing a large number of peers to his government.

One former cabinet minister sums up the position that Brown now finds himself in:

This is what happens when you’re at the fag end of a government. You just run out of people, energy and ideas.

One figure who recently quit the government said he had noticed the significant gaps in the PPS ranks:

Why would you bother if you know that there is no chance of becoming a minister in the next government?

Labour MPs know the game is up.  Morale must be very low inside the PLP and unless the polls move it will only get worse.  For most Labour MPs, if not all, the election can’t come soon enough, but not before they can pick up their severance pay and pension entitlements.

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