03 September 2009

Shock, Horror! Brown is dour and dreary

For one flitting nanosecond there was a thought that it was true.  Obama had described Brown as a man of “substance”.   Our darkest thoughts are put to rest in a new book by Richard Wolffe, who is a little better connected than Macintyre or Sylvester:

After breakfast with Tony Blair, [Obama] travelled to Downing Street to see Gordon Brown, then on to Westminster for a sit-down with the Conservative leader, David Cameron. He finally succeeded in getting his stroll outdoors with Gordon Brown in the gardens behind Downing Street. At this, his last stop, he sounded less like a candidate than a weary, worldwise leader-in-waiting. Obama's aides confided that they preferred the energy of the up-and-coming Cameron compared with the dour and dreary Brown.

One would imagine that the Megrahi shambles just confirms Obama’s view.

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