21 September 2009

No electoral reform under Brown, but….

It would seem Our Dear Leader’s little thought of holding a referendum on electoral reform on the same day as the general election will be kicked into touch:

Some in the cabinet believe asking the country to look at fundamental changes on the same day as a contest to elect the next government would be costly, diversionary and divisive for Labour.

….figures such as Ed Balls and Nick Brown, are sceptical, saying it will look like gerrymandering and distract attention from the government's central election message on the economy.

At least Clegg has managed to get something right when he said at the weekend that public antipathy to Brown would ensure the proposal was rejected.

Now, if the change to Alan Johnson (it was Our Man’s idea to have a referendum) is made then the situation could alter.  The polls will move and Clegg may change his mind with the prospect of a hung parliament.

Let us hope that Clegg does a bit of lobbying behind the scenes to ensure that the AJ4PM campaign succeeds.

What better opportunity will the boy have to influence the outcome of the next election in his favour?

PS: This adds a bit of spice to the above.

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