27 September 2009

That Marr interview: It raises a wider issue

This is what Marr actually said:

something everybody has been talking about in the Westminster village... A lot of people in this country use prescription painkillers and pills to help them get through. Are you one of them?


No. I think this is the sort of questioning which is all too often entering the lexicon of British politics.

The Times Red Box blog has this to say:

Some around Gordon are apparently furious that Marr raised unsubstantiated rumour - that has repeatedly been denied by Number 10 - in this morning's interview.

This was accompanied by Sam Coates saying on Twitter:

Downing Street source: GB pill popping question "was beneath Andrew Marr's dignity.

So, this kills off any talk that it was a planted question to kill off the rumours that have been circulating about Brown’s health.

Marr was openly hostile towards Brown this morning, which has been mirrored this morning by other interviews with ministers.  One has to assume that Labour's relationship with the Westminster Lobby is in a dire state, which wouldn't have been helped by Brown’s comment in the States:

I think you guys should start to understand how international meetings work.

Whether Marr was right to ask the question will be debated, but there is a more important point.

How are ministers going to get their message across to allow the critical issues facing the country to be debated when such an atmosphere exists with the broadcasters?

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1 comment:

  1. It will be funny if Campbell returns to No 10, along with Mandelson. Ten years ago they were used to clicking their fingers and watching media hacks jump. Now, the only outlet that obeys them is the BBC and even that is now questionable.

    Wonder if the experience of going down with Brown will turn Campbell back to drink. There's the Iraq War inquiry to contend with as well, and likely revelations....