20 September 2009

No trees have been chopped down for Clegg

Clegg will be crying over his cornflakes this morning.  The Sunday papers are a near Lib Dem free zone.  Only one of our leading commentators devotes his column to the goings on down at the seaside.  Andrew Rawnsley correctly states:

The main challenge for him at this week's party conference in Bournemouth will be to persuade the voters – which first means convincing journalists – that he and his party deserve serious attention.

On the evidence so far, Clegg has failed.

Still, David Cameron sends his best wishes to the boy with no experience and cleverly says the Tories and the Liberal Democrats should work together on a number of key issues.  It will not get anywhere unless there is a hung parliament, but may motivate a few Lib Dem followers to move over to the Tories, which presumably is the point of the article.

Our Dave is a clever chap.  He may go far.

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