19 September 2009

Save the Independent

Not knowing how accurate these comments are, it is sad that Denis O'Brien, the Independent’s second largest shareholder, has said that the paper is likely to close by Christmas:

There's no point in us as a company subsidising a newspaper that really nobody wants to read in the United Kingdom.

It's not a relevant newspaper anymore and this newspaper's going to be closed by Christmas.

There is the possibility of a consensual deal (with bondholders) but it is by no means certain.  The situation is serious and fraught.

This is not a personal thing.  I've made a substantial investment in the company and I have said ... we need to reduce our costs, get out of loss-making business and restructure.

The situation maybe “serious and fraught” but many people, including this blogger, do think that the paper is relevant and wish to read what it has to say.

It publishes the thoughts of some our finest political commentators, Steve Richards (who had an agenda setting article yesterday), John Rentoul, Matthew Norman, Alan Watkins and Bruce Anderson.

Sad as it maybe that the paper has hit hard times, but in the critical period up until the election the thoughts of the above and others will be important, as was proved yesterday.

For a over 20 years the paper has been a good read and shouldn't be allowed to fail.  Maybe the paper could be saved by withdrawing the paper edition and only being published on-line?

Let us hope a solution to the paper’s troubles can be found.

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