29 September 2009

The flibbertigibbet bites back

imageAfter Nick Robinson reported that Brown won't now mention the leaders TV debate in his speech, Cameron said:

I can't work out if he's dithering or bottling, but I suspect both.

The problem for Our Dear Leader is that quotes like this tend to stick.

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  1. Lucky for Cameron all he needs to win are soundsbites, he's good at them.
    I bet he did it all on his own

  2. I just hope that Cameroon listens to the smokers who will be out in force at the next election to vent their anger...at this shitty ban.

    Of course he won't...it's politically correct to denormalize smoking.

    I have a go, best I can on my blog...trouble is no fucker reads it except GiGits - thanks GiGits!