21 September 2009

Is Alan Johnson ready for the fight?

It is the polls after the conference season that will matter.  However, this dose of medicine will not be much welcomed down in the Downing Street bunker tonight.  Not only is there little change in the headline figures:

Conservative support is up two points to 43%, while Labour's has risen one to 26%. The Liberal Democrats, who arrived for their annual conference as polling took place, are unchanged on 19%.


Only 14% of voters think Labour is telling the truth about the country's financial situation. More than twice as many believe what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats say.

Even Labour supporters do not trust their party: only 36% of current Labour supporters, and just 26% of its 2005 voters, think the government is telling the truth about debt.

By contrast 36% of all voters believe the Tories, 32% believe the Lib Dems and 33% believe no party. Unlike Labour, a clear majority of each opposition party's supporters trust what its leaders have to say.

There is little surprise here:

The poll underlines Brown's unpopularity in the run-up to Labour's annual conference next week. Only 28% of voters say they have a favourable impression of him, against 66% who do not.

On these findings, Labour can forget the possibility that Brown, during these critical autumnal weeks, would turn the Labour’s fortunes around.  Comrades, it isn't going to happen.

How much more evidence does the Labour party need before it takes the decision to house Alan Johnson in Downing Street.


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