17 September 2009

Tittle tattle and gossip that gets us nowhere

Will it be David or his brother Ed?  Just what is the boy Balls up to?  Is Harriet on manoeuvres?  This is all jolly exciting stuff.  Every word the likely or not-so-likely candidates for the Labour leadership say or type will be inspected, pulled apart and analysed for the slightest hint of what they are up to.  Will they challenge Brown?  Are they gearing up for the fight after Labour is defeated?

But hold on, in the present dire situation for the comrades, which one of the above or any other likely lad or lass will be lucky enough to hold their seats?

On we go and there will much more of the same as we move closer to the Labour conference.  The rumour mill will be in overdrive by the time the boys and girls go through the motions in Brighton.

The truth is the media have given up on Labour, much to Alastair Campbell’s frustration.  For him, there is nothing like the pot calling the kettle black.  However, he does make many important points, without discussing the fundamental question of Labour’s leadership.

The media are not interested any longer in what Balls or anyone else on the clattering train has to say.  All that interests the punters is what Ed’s, David’s or Harriet’s comments (whether valid or not) signify for their leadership ambitions.

Column inches and blog posts get taken up with gossip and tittle tattle. Take a look at this from Dizzy.  Fascinating but totally meaningless.

If the polls are right we will be voting in eight months for a change of government for only the third time in 36 years.  There are serious questions to be asked of both parties and a debate to be had about what direction we wish our damp islands to he taken.

Yes, the voters say they want change, but there is no great clamour to elect Cameron.  There is no excitement up and down the land for a Tory government. There is no rush to get to the polls.  There will no repeat performance of a new dawn, as there was in 1997, if Cameron is elected.

The Tories are so far ahead in the polls due the failure of Gordon Brown.  A man who just doesn't have what it takes to be an effective Prime Minister.  If Labour solves that little difficulty, then possibly we can have a debate about our future.

With Labour’s leadership resolved the media will have to engage in the important matters that face us as a nation.  When all is said and done they have to fill the column inches.

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