29 September 2009

Shock! Horror! The election will be on 6th May

No surprise here.  Bloomberg has a leaked copy of Labour's election war book, which Iain Dale has picked up on overnight.  This infers the election will be on 6th May.  The report also states that the fieldwork showing Labour in 3rd place behind the Lib Dems was completed on 27th September, not two weeks ago as some have suggested:

CON 36%(-7), LAB 24%(-2), LDEM 25%(+8!)

Obviously, the findings reflect voters instantaneous reactions to the Lib Dem conference.

Our Dear Leader will not be best pleased on ‘the state of the nation’.  More seriously, how is he going to respond to the leak?  Brown can hardily deny that the date is not the favoured option, when everybody knows that it is.

Not a happy backdrop to Brown’s big day.

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