18 September 2009

MPs are carrying on regardless

Does your favourite restaurant give you six months credit?  Can you leave the local pub without settling the tab?

This is Brown speaking to Robert Peston the other day:

I've never been someone who myself has been interested in running up personal debts or borrowing huge amounts of money.

Therefore, we can safely assume that Our Dear Leader is not one of the many MPs who owe the Commons a total of £140,000 in unpaid food and drink bills:

The House authorities are chasing cash from more than half of all MPs for wining, dining and entertaining in Parliament’s restaurants. They include 77 MPs who have failed to settle their tabs — averaging more than £500 each — for more than six months.

The details of MPs’ debts were obtained from the Commons by the Press Association under the Freedom of Information Act. They showed that in August, 329 MPs owed a total of £138,046 in entertainment and catering — an average of £419 each. Some £45,150 of that had been due from 77 MPs for more than six months.

Firstly, they abuse the expenses system, buy houses, duck ponds and have moats cleaned with our money.  Now, MPs run up debts by using bars and restaurants that are subsidised by the taxpayer.

While we are all paying off debts and tightening our belts, MPs are carrying on with their wonderful lives using our money, or not, when it comes to paying for food and the odd drink.

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