24 September 2009

Has Brown lost interest in us?

The rumours about Shriti Vadera, a long standing and very influential aide to Our Dear leader, have been swirling around all morning, initially kicked off by Andrew Sparrow.  There has been much loose chatter about what exactly has been going on.

No way was this ultra-loyal Brown buddy going to cause any embarrassment, which turns out to be the case.  She goes with her hero’s “blessing” to work for the G20.  Robert Peston explains:

As Gordon Brown's closest advisor on economic and financial matters, she will be seen as working on what he hopes will be his legacy - a formal structure for creating a more stable global economy.

So, Brown hopes his legacy will crafted on the international stage rather than here at home.  How easier it is to deal with problems that aren't in your backyard.

Yet another example of Our Dear Leader’s waning interest with all matters UK plc.

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