22 September 2009

Gordon leaves all his troubles behind

Let’s push the developing Lady Scotland story aside for the moment.

There is little doubt that Brown will be glad to get away for a few days.  He leaves behind the wreckage of his own party whist watching, with some amusement, the poorly manufactured Lib Dem bombs blowing themselves up in Bournemouth.

World leaders will gather to hear what what Our Dear Leader has to say, first at the UN and then at the G20, as he attempts yet again to ‘save the world’.  His packed dairy of meetings, photo-ops, speeches and interviews will be reported in every detail as he overshadows the goings on at the seaside by just getting on the plane.  Achievements there maybe, but what will be of overriding concern to Brown is how this is all reported at home.

Back in April, just before the G20 in London, he was asked by the press how he would judge the London summit as a success.  He replied:

For you to report it as a success.

That all important remark is more valid today than it was in the spring.  A success he needs, so he can return as the hero of the hour to the Labour party conference.

Off course it will not matter.  No one is listening to Brown back home, his credibility has been shot and, more importantly, there are no votes for him at the UN or G20.

So let him have his fun.  Let him enjoy his time in the media spotlight, let the Labour party put on a show of superficial unity next week.  Then, when the charade is over and the post conference polls do not move, Brown will have to face Labour MPs, many of which, as things stand, will lose their seats at the next election.

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