25 September 2009

Those unknown unknowns keep on coming

imageAnother day in the life of Our Dear Leader.

Obama’s so called ‘snub’ to Brown rumbles on, not helped by Lord Malloch-Brown sayng:

I don't know whether they were frantic or not, they should not have been frankly so desperate.

Surely, the announcement about Shriti Vadera’s ‘career development’ could have been handled better?

Perhaps, more important than the odd handshake or desk rearranging is not so much the arrest of Lady Scotland's “housekeeper”, but that Loloahi Tapui will now reveal all with Max Clifford’s helping hand.  The Sunday papers will be a treat.

Then we have Major-General Andrew Mackay resigning because of the "inadequate support" given to troops in Afghanistan and the "lack of clear policy".

Finally, the icing arrives to be spread over the ticking time-bomb of '”little local difficulties” in the form of a book about the MPs expenses scandal.  The mole at the heart of revelations was motivated because he was angry about the Government’s failure to properly equip Britain’s armed forces while politicians spent millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on themselves:

No Expenses Spared, by The Daily Telegraph’s deputy political editor, Robert Winnett, and chief reporter Gordon Rayner, will take you behind the scenes in Downing Street as Labour’s spin machine frantically tried to close down a crisis which rapidly spiralled out of control.

No doubt, once the extracts of the book explode over Westminster a high percentage of the fragments will land in Downing Street.

So, another non-successful day for Brown on the media management front.  Whatever happens at the G20 will now be overshadowed by matters closer to home, which are far more significant to the voters.

The Sun would be well advised to dust off back-copies of the edition that was used just over thirty years ago.  It may well be needed.

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  1. Did you see the sickening pictures of Brown and Obama on TV last night Howard? Brown definitely has an unhealthy crush on the man.