30 September 2009

No glad confident morning

When it is least expected along comes one of those unknown unknowns to change the political whether and move the agenda on.

For that is preciously what Rupert Murdoch has achieved this morning.  In a very significant development, The Sun has derailed “Operation Fightback” and come out for The Tories.  Trevor Kavanagh, the Sun’s influential associate editor, said that The Sun's endorsement was not just Editor's but went "right to the top".

The timing could not be worse for Labour for obvious reasons.  At a stroke it removes the gloss from Brown’s big day and provides the game changing ingredient to the conference season.

Then comes further bad news for Brown.  The vital follow up of having his speech reported as a ‘success’ has failed to materialise.  In the main, the commentators are not impressed.  However, it is the Sun’s thunderclap that will dominate what remains of the Labour conference.

Is it now all over for Labour, as some are suggesting this morning.  Again, we come back to the post-conference polls.  Before we get there the Irish have to vote, which David Cameron has to navigate his way through.  After that we get to the Tory conference itself, where proof must be shown that they are a credible government-in-waiting.

The Sun may have come out for Tories, but that doesn't imply that Cameron has “sealed the deal” with the electorate, although Murdoch has made the task much easier.

The ‘flibbertigibbet’, the description of Cameron that Mandy may well come to regret using, is not there yet.

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  1. Nice nod in your direction from Rentoul today. Well done !

  2. The Sunday Telegraph had the best summary of the situation recently: Cameron may not have "sealed the deal" but Brown certainly has.