19 September 2009

Clegg’s first own goal

Oh dear.  Only a Lib Dem conference could schedule Clegg’s opening address against Strictly and the X factor.  What non-brilliance is that?  For a party that needs all the publicity it can this scheduling decision was just bonkers.  Well, we did not get 'go back and prepare for government' but 'this election will be different'.  Thank you Nick for that reassurance.

Clearly, motivation of the activists is not one of Clegg’s overriding priorities down at the seaside:

But we need to treat people like grown-ups, and we need to be realistic.

Ending tuition fees would cost billions of pounds every year. We need to be certain we can afford it before we make any promises.

We need to “treat people like grown-ups” and “be certain we can afford it”.  Not bad for a Saturday night.  Will it get better or worse as the conference goes on?

We will have to try and keep going with this Lib Dem silliness, but it will be hard work.

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