21 September 2009

Not only the Czechs….but maybe the Irish also

Slugger O’Toole reports on a poll which suggests that the Irish may vote no in their referendum revisited:

On a nation wide sample of 1500 and in answer to some pretty straightforward questions, the figures they get are 59% NO ‘V’ 41% YES. Now those are flat figures, no weighting and the methodology so far as we can tell is pretty unconventional.

So, a bit of caution is required with the figures.  There will be chaos in Brussels if these figures turn out to be accurate.  On the other hand, Cameron will break out with the widest of smiles.

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  1. I think CallmeDave will quake in his boots because he doesn't really want a referendum. Just a feeling, no proof ...

  2. It seems the poll was a hoax. No matter the Czech bit is still valid.

    I agree about Dave. However the decision to delay plays into his hands, keeps his party united and the promise of a referendum is what us voters want. Off course when gets to No10 it be could be different.

    What matters at the moment is winning the election.