16 September 2009

Meanwhile, in the real world

While Osborne neatly plays the politics, down on Main Street it is jobs or the lack of them.  This is what stands out from this morning’s dire figures:

The number of 16 to 24-year-olds out of work rose from 928,000 to 947,000 - edging closer to the landmark of one million and adding to fears of a new "lost generation" of young people.

The jobless rate among this age group is at 19.7% - the highest since records began - meaning almost one in five is looking for work.

Just how do you engage with a "lost generation" that sees nothing but hopelessness before them is one of the unresolvable issues that will face us for many years to come.

When Brown declares the recession is over, he should be reminded that for a large group of people he has done little other than leave them in a state of despair.

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