17 September 2009

More than ‘a little local difficulty’

They will be far from happy in the Downing Street bunker this morning after the discovery that “the minister in charge of prosecuting criminals has been employing an illegal immigrant”.  Lady Scotland, the Attorney General, “could theoretically be prosecuted under laws that she is paid to enforce.”  The report goes on to say:

Even unknowingly employing an illegal is still an offence, punishable by a £10,000 fine, under legislation that she helped steer through Parliament as a Home Office minister in 2006.

The illegal immigrant in question, Loloahi Tapui, has already, without much ceremony, been removed from the scene of the crime.

So, we have England’s most senior law officer neatly providing us with another example of ‘how not to do it’.

These unknown unknowns, that may well pop up with increasing regularity, will do little to help Our Dear Leader during these few critical weeks.

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  1. What do you mean ' could theoretically be prosecuted ' ? Surely, she has broken the law and should certainly be prosecuted. And could we be faced with the delight of the Attorney General prosecuting herself ?

  2. It was a quote from the article. "Could" being correct as it has to be proved.

  3. Great remove one hard working immigrant to score points of Labour.Its more workers like the cleaner that we need in this country.