29 September 2009

Will Brown now be our “hero”

imageWe had policy announcements galore, but not much that was new.  It was a speech that will please the Labour party, but will it please the electorate?

Where was the big bang?

Where was the vision?

Where was his “dividing line” announcement?

How long will it take for the speech to unravel?

Did Brown answer the trust and credibility issues?

Has he proved that he can communicate?

And the key question has to be:

Will it change the political whether?

At the end of the day for Brown’s cunning plan to work the post-conference polls have to show a permanent and substantial shift to Labour.

Brown has played his last card.  All he can do now is hope the media report the speech as a “success” and then wait for those polls….

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1 comment:

  1. Slagulags will go down well (with all non chavs).

    Maybe Nuliebour should steal more BNP policies?