26 September 2009

AJ4PM: A little afterthought on that interview

Not wishing to deflect from what Our Man has said, there is another small bottom of a paragraph comment that is worth noting:

In the words of Frank Field, he is "Postman Pat", the perfect foil to David Cameron's "Eton toff"

As discussed, “Will Frank Field be the man to wield the dagger?

He could well be.

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  1. What influence do you think Field has, though? He hasn't got a post that he can resign from to grab headlines, and is already seen as so ready to criticise the party that, if he were to formally come out and say that Brown needs to go, I doubt it would cause a ripple. Really, I think that someone much closer to the heart of the government will have to be the one to precipitate a challenge. But, we shall see...

  2. Your right the Cabinet will have to do the deed, but Field would be more credible than Charles Clarke if he did come out against Brown. As you say, we shall see. But not this week...