21 September 2009

Why did Osborne do it?

imageYou have to ask yourself.

Single-handedly, and not for the first time, Osborne moved the agenda last week and has gone and spoilt it with his rashness over the weekend.

Not only did we have Cabinet ministers querying up yesterday to bash Osborne about, Mandy has predictably climbed on the bandwagon and now Treasury officials have joined in.  This time Osborne has just got the politics plain wrong. 

Miliband has a point:

It's an important moment when the seriousness of government is contrasted with the frankly juvenile and student politics which the Conservatives seem to think is appropriate for the very serious times in  which we live.

Yes, the Tories are winning the “cuts” debate, even Jackie Ashley admits that, and last week Osborne had the Labour party in the palm of his hands, so why go for the publicity stunt?

This may all be Westminster village stuff, but Osborne has finally got learn to control himself.  A repeat performance, which will not easily be repaired during the heat of an election campaign, could do Cameron great damage.

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