28 September 2009

Did Darling do it for you?

imageThe comrades are hardly spending all their waking hours worrying about the recession.

What did we get.  More Tory bashing, more bashing the bankers and how Our Dear Leader doesn't really need a plane, as he walks on water when he goes overseas to ‘save the world’

Here is Darling attempting to lift the gloom:

If we followed the Tory route now recovery would be put at risk, prospects for growth damaged, borrowing would, in the long run, be greater.

We cannot - must not - let that happen.

Will anybody believe all this return to the ‘Tory Dark Ages’ stuff?

And his cheap shot at Osborne:

There has, after all, been little that is grown up about [Osborne's] performance so far.

Not wanting to frighten the horses we get nothing about the painful cuts that everybody knows will come, only that Labour will make the right “cuts”.  Darling seemed most put out that he even had to mention the topic.

One speech down, and two to go as we patiently wait for the vision and inspiration that will fill the empty chairs.

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