17 September 2009

The Treasury leak: Mandy responds

His Lordship has given an interesting response to the Treasury leak where he accuses Cameron of confusing official figures and ministerial plans:

It's easy to take a leaked document, to selectively lift from that figures that are provided by officials but which don't represent ministerial plans

You will see as the general election approaches in Britain all becoming fair in love, war and propaganda. We've started to see this week, although I must say I think it's started to raise some interesting questions about the Conservatives' and Mr Cameron's own candour.

So, we don't get the usual attack on Osborne but a pot shot at Cameron, by implication he admits that the figures are true and doesn't hit back at the Tories for saying that Brown had more or less lied to the Commons.

Maybe, just maybe we will get a grown-up debate about this vital issue after all.

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