23 September 2009

No, this will not turn things around

As peacemaker Brown attempts to ‘save the world’, back at base camp he is to have one last attempt to cosy up to the middle classes.  Are you sitting comfortably?  He explains his thoughts:

Supporting the “squeezed” middle classes “now informs my thinking right across my Government’s policy agenda.

Oh, so suddenly Our Dear Leader is not spending ‘all his waking hours’ worrying about the recession.

The ‘road block to reform’ under three-times winning Blair goes on:

It is precisely because I care about the squeezed middle that I have promoted mortgage support, childcare subsidies and tax credits, making Britain’s mainstream majority — and their values of fairness, responsibility and accountability — Labour’s No 1 priority. Because it is not just the poor and the vulnerable who want the security of decent public service, it is the middle class, too.

The ‘brass neck’ of the man.

Continuing to reflect the latest focus group findings, he marches on:

A new Labour government must always be restless in its determination to reform and modernise the NHS, schools and police services on which citizens depend for the realisation of their ambitions, as well as the security of their communities.

After 12 years of not caring less about the middle classes, he finally gets it.  What a pity that it is all too late.  The crowds have all gone home.

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