19 September 2009

A momentous strategic decision has been made

This blog is less then a year old and is still learning the ropes of the blogging lark.  Many subjects have been discussed, but in the main we have concentrated on Our Dear Leader and his ‘little local difficulties’.  For this is what dominates all matters and will continue to do so for a few more weeks.

Today we wake to find that a party calling themselves ‘Liberal Democrat’ meeting in Bournemouth to kick-off the conference season.  Just who are these people who will rudely disrupt our weekend?  Are they a treat to our stable political process?  Should we bother even paying much attention to the ‘paving stone politics brigade’ as they interfere with our TV schedules and push much more important subjects off the pages of national newspapers.

More importantly, should we give any time to the likes of Shirley Williams, who refused to stay and fight for the Labour party in the 1980’s?  It was because of her actions and of others that Denis Healey, almost alone, had to save the party from Tony Benn and his followers.  An achievement that, sadly, he has failed to receive due recognition for.

It has been noticed that one or two much more experienced bloggers have started to pass comment on this group of people who cannot bring themselves to find a home within our two-party parliamentary system.  Therefore this blog will go with the flow and pass comment on the chatter from cliffs of Bournemouth, even if it will have no relevance what-so-ever to the future of these damp islands.

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  1. They are a strange breed libdems Howard, I've never worked them out. They're strong in the Scottish blogosphere but certainly not in Scottish politics generally, although the negotiated to share power with the labour party here for years.

    Once they refused to have anything to do with the SNP they were left in the wilderness and I see signs that Tavish Scott (the Scots leader) is trying to 'worm his way in' with Alex Salmond.

    Do hope Alex's not taken in - I doubt he will be, he's one of the best politicians the UK has at present.

  2. Indeed Salmond is one of the best politicians in the UK. As for the Lib Dems there is no hope. See my later post.