19 September 2009

Not only Nick Clegg….but also Vince Clegg start off. Oh dear

If we must, then here goes.

Nick Clegg, the leader of the no-hope party, has created an anti-Tory attack unit to expose George Osborne’s “complete inexperience”.  So, the party of no experience is going to attack a man who was instrumental in Brown calling off the non-election in 2007 and who, this week, derailed Labour’s autumn strategy with the publication of the Treasury leak.  Perhaps Clegg should read Matthew Parris and Peter Oborne before he launches the boat that will never float.

Next up.  Clegg will fire off his conference with an attack on ‘conman Cameron’.  Are we to assume this is same Cameron, with Osborne by his side, who has comprehensively changed the political weather of this country over the past four years?  We should be told.

Then to wet your appetite even further for what is in store this week, Clegg and Vince Cable, who gets beaten up rather badly by Andrew Neil on Straight Talk, have caused utter confusion over their spending commitments.

That will do for now.  There will be more like this as the weekend and following week progresses.  That ‘momentous strategic decision’ may well have to be revised.

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