27 September 2009

AJ4PM: Still on course

Here are the topline figures of the latest Comres poll:

CON 38%(-2), LAB 23%(-1), 23%(+2)

Cameron’s absence from the media and the recent Lib Dem conference presumably account for the small movement.

What is more significant is that eight alternative candidates would do better than Brown:


Rentoul says it is bad news for Alan Johnson.  That is not so.  Some of the alternatives have no chance this side of the election and others have already ruled themselves out.

Anyway, it is always worth waiting for Anthony Wells on these occasions:

It’s questionable how meaningful the answers are. People probably have a fair idea of what Jack Straw or Harriet Harman are like, they’ve both been in the public eye a long time… but Ed Miliband? Equally, while they may have an idea what sort of chap Jack Straw is, few have any real idea of what he, or any other alternative leader, might actually do were to to become Prime Minister or, to be honest, how they would react to it.

To be frank, Wells pours a bucket of cold water on the whole exercise.

AJ4PM campaign will not have to be renamed.

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