28 September 2009

That Marr interview: The row starts

Predictably, the Labour backlash towards the BBC has started.

Mandy has attacked the "personal intrusiveness" of Mr Marr's questions:

Based on what incidentally, I haven't the foggiest, and I wonder if Andrew did either.

One Labour source is reported to have said:

No one can believe the BBC, in its flagship programme and the most important political interview at Labour conference, would stoop to this. It was astonishing.

Some at the BBC are far from happy either:

No one was expecting that and I have to say I think it was a bad decision.

There is little doubt Mandy will raise the subject again on Today.  Marr has given him all the ammunition he needs for “Operation Fightback”.

To add to the mix, the BBC put the question to Downing Street two weeks ago and received a flat denial.

Without the proof that Brown is on anti-depressants, Marr was wrong to ask the question.

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