16 September 2009

Osborne hits Brown for six

A superbly timed cover drive is one of the finest shots in cricket.  What frustrates a bowler even more is to be hit for a straight six.  What is precisely what George Osborne has done this morning with the leaked Treasury documents.  He has hit Brown where it hurts the most:

It's about trust and honesty... what they show - these are the internal government projections for spending - and they show that the government has been planning since the Budget a near 10% cut in departmental budgets.

And of course since the Budget we have had Gordon Brown and others on programmes like this saying there was a choice between Labour investment and Tory cuts, and very specifically attacking us for being the people planning 10% cuts, and saying David Cameron was Mr 10% and so on.

And now we know that Gordon Brown misled the public, misled Parliament, was not telling the truth, was sitting all the time on internal Treasury documents telling him the real truth.

The politics of what is revealed go right to the heart of one of Brown’s fundamental problems.  He is not honest and he can’t be trusted.

Little wonder that Mandy has been attempting to chip away at Osborne's credibility recently.  His Lordship knows that Osborne’s strategic thinking is vital to the Cameron project.

After Brown’s speech yesterday Osborne has hit Labour’s strategy straight out of the ground.  Mandy will be furious.  It will interesting how Labour respond and whether they play the man and not the ball.

Whatever, Osborne has sunk a further nail into Brown’s credibility and carried the task out with deadly accuracy.

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