24 September 2009

So far, Brown’s trip is not a “success”

They will not be happy when they wake in the temporary Brown bunker across the pond. The electronic editions of the papers will make uncomfortable reading.

Great prominence is given to Our Dear Leader’s failure to secure a one-to-one meeting with Obama.  It is said that five attempts were made to secure a joint appearance. 

Ridding to the rescue, predictably, comes Nick Robinson:

It is thought likely that in response to these headlines, the White House will now move publicly to reassure the British about the continuing strength of the special relationship.

That is not all:

Mr Brown was criticised for failing to stay at a dinner where he was honoured as Statesman of the Year. Guests paid $1,000 to attend the function attended by, among others, Henry Kissinger and the pop star Bono.

It is vital for Brown that the trip is reported as a “success”.  So far this has failed.  There is much to do over the coming days to ensure that Brown’s return at the weekend is not greeted with “crisis, what crisis”.

After all, there have been other leaders who have gone overseas while all about them at home falls apart.

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