23 September 2009

Alastair Campbell doesn't get it

Campbell complains on his blog that Brown has received little coverage for being named “World Statesman of the Year” in New York last night.  He compares this with the coverage given to Victoria Beckham's offerings at London Fashion Week.

What Campbell’s fails to point out is the wall-to-wall coverage Brown gets his announcement on Trident, a slightly more important topic, but clearly not to Campbell.

There are several issues here.  Are we seriously wanting Brown to be treated like a celebrity?  Campbell, by implication, is criticising the No10 spin operation for their failure to get Brown coverage for the award.  Well, if Campbell is not happy, then instead of carping from the sidelines, he should get back inside the tent and do something about it.

But, of course, the fundamental point is that no one is interested in Brown.  News like this is just treated with cynicism.  Alastair, there is no one is listening.  Brown may have credibility on the world stage, but where it matters for the next election he has none.

What Campbell should be blogging about is what the Labour party going to do about it.  There is little to be gained by protesting about the failure of the media to report the award, when the underlying problem is Brown himself.

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1 comment:

  1. People are not interested in whether Brown has won a medal. They want to know how he will improve their living standards, roll back the influence of the state, improve public services, repay our mega-debt, enhance people's liberty and freedoms, reduce immigation, reduce taxes, eradicate the surveillance society, stop welfare dependency, free-up schools to teach, reduce the burden on business so they can create real jobs, reduce public spending, eliminate Quangoes and Fake Charities, build a 21st Century Infrastucture etc etc. Winning medals is a bloody insult - something he should keep quiet about -very quiet.