29 September 2009

Mandy ducks that all important question

His Lordship has been interviewed by Andrew Rawnsley.  Here is Andrew Sparrows take on that all important leadership question:

Rawnsley asked Mandelson if it was possible that he would tell Brown to quit in January or February if the polls were bad. Mandelson rubbished the idea, saying that Labour would be far to busy by then preparing for an election.

But then Rawnsley said: "Just to be absolutely clear, there are no circumstances in which you would join other cabinet colleagues in saying 'You have done your best, it's not working with you and we're going to try someone else to avoid a cataclysmic election defeat'?" Someone in the audience shouted no and Mandelson shook his head vigorously, suggesting that this would not happen.

But he did not actually say no. In fact, he did not say anything at all, letting the audience answer for him. A colleague who was watching his face said he seemed quite uncomfortable with that particular question.

It probably doesn't amount to anything.

But, with Mandelson, you never quite know.

Hmmm.  It would fascinating to have this question asked again in a couple of weeks if the polls refuse to move in Labour's favour.

Meanwhile, we await for that all important press reaction to Brown’s speech.

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