27 September 2009

Mandy’s desperate Sunday

Not satisfied with one interview, Mandy has another in the Sunday Mirror.  When all else has failed, out comes the old tried and many failed strategy of attacking the BBC:

Even some of the BBC’s reporting treats Labour as if the outcome of the election has been decided.

With Labour leaning Robert Peston and Nick Robinson doing Brown’s bidding every time they open their mouths, that is rather rich.

Then, we get this further try-on:

He’s a rather formal politician. That’s not a criticism. I think people like prime ministers to be prime ministers – not stand-up comedians.

A “stand up comedian” is precisely what we got with that infamous YouTube video, not forgetting the lack of leadership that Brown continually shows when events happen outside his comfort zone.  That list is endless.

Mandy is going to rather better than this if he wants to save Brown.

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