30 September 2009

Murdoch’s dilemma: Tony is coming back


There is a huge assumption with this one.

Tony ‘three times election winner’ Blair is to parachuted in help Gordon ‘never won an election’ Brown.

Why doesn't the Labour party just go for broke?  They should bring the other ‘flibbertigibbet’ back as leader.

That would give Murdoch a few problems.  He would have to start another newspaper calling it ‘Sun of Sun’.

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1 comment:

  1. The Blair theory and the associated theory that this could cause a dilemma for the Sun has a few holes in it.

    1. The Iraq Inquiry should be in full flow by then. Blair will be a hinderance, even by Brown standards. Blair was floundering in 2005 before Brown was brought back into the campaign.

    2. This is James Murdoch, not Rupert Murdoch, and times have moved on.

    3. Will Blair actually support a Kinnock-style election campaign? The new position of Labour has more to do with post-election survival than winning a campaign.