28 September 2009

Mandy, Mandy everywhere

Instead of green shots, we get his Lordship popping up not only on TV, but on the radio to boot.

We get his criticism of the BBC after Marr's interview, but curiously this only happens on Sky.  He was neither asked about that question, nor did he raise it on ‘Today’.

Mandy gives Cameron extra-time publicity by describing him as a “shallow flibbertigibbet", whilst in the next breath reminding us all how wonderful Brown is:

People like to see a guy who sticks to his guns ... they want to see a Prime Minister who is dogged in that sense.

We need to continue the policies that we're following to fight back against the recession, to lock in the recovery because I think in due course. when the election comes, we will be judged by the result of those policies and I think [Gordon Brown] will be judged favourably.

So, is this it?  Is this what he going to get?

Over next 36 hours Darling, Mandy and Brown give the three key speeches at this conference of the few.   Are we to get nothing more than bank bashing, how Brown ‘saved the world’ and Labour telling us all how nasty those Tories are.

Where is the vision, the inspiration, the optimistism that Labour should be projecting?

Just like those green shots, so far the reasons for re-electing Labour have failed to appear.

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