16 September 2009

How not to deal with a leak

Just at a time when Brown needs the civil service on-side coupled with complete loyalty, he launches a leak inquiry following George Osborne masterstroke.  Stephanie Flanders on her indispensible blog has found it difficult to contain herself.

Our Dear Leader is taking matters very seriously indeed by having the inquiry headed up by someone outside the Treasury and he may even involve the police.  All this from the same man who built his reputation in the 80’s using similar leaks, when he was in same position that Osborne finds himself in today.  What irony.

Tory Bear wonders if the whole thing has been cooked up Darling in a bid to destabilise Brown.  Sensible and level headed Alistair, surely not.  Much more likely that it was a very senior official who has become rather frustrated over the years with Brown’s little ways.  As they say, we shall see.  Or in the case of leak inquiries, we will never know.

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