17 September 2009

Harriet Harman gives a lesson in history

imageLabour’s bad publicity machine is doing wonders.  Not only do we have Lady Scotland, but now Harriet Harman comes along with her own dose ‘of how not to it’.

The champion of not-all-women has made an oversight and omitted Lady Thatcher from a “Women In Power” fact sheet.  Maggie is not alone.  Shirley Williams, a one time Labour darling who gave up the fight, has also been airbrushed out of a document designed for schools.

It will come as no surprise that Labour politicians have been given prominence in this unbalanced document that has been hastily withdrawn.

Dear Harriett could make amends by producing a fact sheet of “Men in office but not in Power” starring Gordon Brown, and to give the document political balance include John Major.

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