20 September 2009

The boy George needs to be careful

It is impossible to miss the latest Osborne bombshell that has exploded in the Treasury’s face overnight.  The row has already started.  However, what is possible to miss, at least by the majority of voters who may not read Coffee House over breakfast, is Fraser Nelson’s explanation.  Having been the first journalist to cotton to what Brown was up to with our money, his views are important.

Although Liam Byrne has been the first out the traps to claim that “Osborne’s claims are false”, he will not be the last.  Little doubt that Mandy will find time to take a pot shot at George, as he has done in the past.

Osborne is tempting providence.  He scored a direct hit last week, which was not denied or called false.  An attempted repeat performance should have been avoided so soon after.  The results are likely to be messy, no matter what Fraser Nelson says.

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1 comment:

  1. I think this is an essential test of whose version of events is believed most. It looks like Osborne's is. This will be the defining issue of the election and the Tories are well in the lead. Maybe Cameron needs to be bolder? This may be the case once Labour begin to fight back rather than just stubbornly absorbing the blows.