17 September 2009

Just where will all this lead?

The seeds of a little civil war have been sown by he who must be obeyed.  If Mandy gets his way a whole host of measures will be legislated for, but not implemented due to the economic downturn:

I support the approach that where measures appear without a planned implementation date — and on the assumption they are not planned for the near future — we commit to not imposing these measures until after April 2011.

Included in this mixed bag of measures to be postponed is the crowd pleaser announced on Tuesday by Brown for new laws to improve rights for agency workers.  Not only will that cause trouble for the brothers in Liverpool, but with Dear Harriet, who will also see her Equality Bill shelved.

Then up pops a treat of a national postal strike.

Not wishing to inflame the situation any further can we cast out minds back to the autumn of 1978.  It was then that the unions were far from happy, they failed to understand the decisions that ministers were taking and then neatly sealed Sunny Jim’s fate and handed the election to Thatcher.

Without letting our thoughts run wild that history will repeat itself, you have to wonder where this set of circumstances will lead, especially if the unions are convinced that Labour’s clattering train is heading straight for the buffers.

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