03 September 2009

More Tory silliness and possibly the start of something

Oh, there has been some ridiculous nonsense today from the Tory right on the decision by Nigel Farage to challenge John Bercow.  Daniel Finkelstein has attempted to bring some sanity to the ‘not-serious-about power element of the Tory party’.

If only the Labour party would get organised the next election would suddenly become one worth fighting for.  Perhaps tonight we are beginning to see a sign the that the comrades have not given up.

Is Eric Joyce’s resignation a sign that Labour will rise to the challenge?  It could well be.

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  1. Clutching at straws a little here aren't we?

    Farage taking on Bercow is an interesting match especially as by tradition neither Labour or the Tories will stand against the speaker. Nor will the Tories support Bercow as technically he's now an independent. So Tory voters have the choice of voting for Labours shoe in speaker or a real Tory (as farage put it)

    The Joyce thing is simply the man trying desperately to separate himself from the government and its sleaze before he's dragged down into the mire at the next general election. I doubt he's the stalking horse you seem to be looking for.

  2. I love the idea and I believe Nigel Farage CAN unseat the little twerp who is, after all, just another placeman elected in a spiteful Labour stitch-up. It would also prove quite helpful for Cameron to be able to get rid of Bercow at the end of his "probation".

  3. Eric Joyce's resignation will be a 9 day wonder and like BS, I think Nigel Farage can do it.