03 October 2009

Europe: The clouds gather

While we wait for news from across the the Irish Sea, this little bag of goodies brings an unwelcome backdrop to the Tory conference.

The Indy carries news of a poll of 2,205 Tory members by the ConservativeHome.com website:

More than half (55 per cent) want to start a new referendum process if the Lisbon Treaty has been approved and the Tories win power, while 29 per cent say the treaty should be declared illegitimate.

Cameron will not like this:

Only 11 per cent of Tory members would accept that the treaty could not be undone – Mr Cameron's likely stance as prime minister – while only 5 per cent would welcome it and put Britain "at the heart of Europe".

The Guardian is splashing a story about those ‘vile’ European allies of the Tories who will attend the conference.

Then there is Hague stirring the pot about the possibility of a Blair presidency.

Max Hastings is spot on:

Much as most of us dislike the Lisbon Treaty, if it is ratified before the election, I hope Cameron will not precipitate a crisis by trying to unscramble Britain's part in it.

We face so many urgent issues, economic and social, that it would be a hideous distraction to launch a showdown with Europe.

Let us see how Cameron plays this is after expected “yes” vote is announced.  If he wants to demonstrate that he is the Prime Minister-in-waiting, he should know what has to do.

The omens do not look good.

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  1. Ahhh, just read your post and the bottom link is knackered... :)

  2. sadly, i'm hoping the Tories tear themselves apart over Europe. It would certainly even things up a bit

  3. You're right, it's intolerable. This will push some people to declare UDI.